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What is it?

ANZ Hot Shots is the only junior tennis program endorsed by Tennis Australia. Programming is based on placing children in non-competitive situations where they are successful, while challenging them to learn how to serve, rally and score more effectively at every stage.  There are four stages of the Hot Shots developmental program which aims to have every child entering competition by the age of nine or earlier.  Each stage uses progressive developmental tools including changes in court size and compression of tennis balls to enhance the rate of success for each child.    


What is a Low Compression Ball?

Red, orange and green low-compression balls don't bounce as high as a yellow tennis ball, making them easier for children to hit and in turn enhancing their satisfaction and learning experience.

Why low-compression balls are perfect for under 10-year-olds!


The Four Stages

Children progress from one stage to the next when they are ready.  This ensures that children learn at their own pace and will ultimately make the transition to using a yellow ball on a full-size court when they are fully prepared to deal with the open skills demanded in tennis. 

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MUSTA Hot Shots Player of the Term


Two players per term are now awarded the prestigious Muscillo Tennis Academy               "Hot Shots Player of the Term" and is rewarded with a FREE term of bonus extra classes.  

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FREE Tennis Racquet

All new 3-7 year old enrolments that book in for a term of Hot Shots tennis coaching will receive a FREE BRAND NEW TENNIS RACQUET. *Conditions Apply

All older Hot Shot enrolments have the option to purchase a brand new racquet at a heavily discounted price.

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